7 Myths about Foods and Nutrition That You Must Know

Diet mythsIn this post I am going to share some dietary myths that keeping nutrition researcher and probably you in dark since many years. Despite of all those fad diets, low-calorie foods, low-carbs and low-fat diets America is one of the world fattest countries. Obesity is increasing at rapid pace and there is no sign of slowing it down just because we don’t have enough time to prepare food for our body and we keep on trusting those smart sellers at food industry.

If you want to lose weight or want to achieve your health goals then you need to know myths that are just created by these smart sellers of Food industry to sell their product and make more money every year.

It is fair to say that majority of western population is overweight despite of spending millions of money on health care. If you are fed up by this food industry, health authorities and sponsored studies then you have to take a deep breath because you will going to find some lies and myths about food, nutrition and health that will open up your eyes. Sorry, if it will hurt you…

Myths about Foods and Nutrition

Myth #1: You Need Hundreds Grams of Protein to Build Muscle:

Without any doubts, protein is one of the most important macronutrients for fat loss and muscle building. But you don’t need hundreds grams of protein to start muscle growth. Unless you are 250-pounds of bodybuilder who looking for even more muscles, chances are you don’t need 15 eggs everyday and/or 5 pounds of chicken or a gallon of milk everyday.

As mentioned in Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet System you only need 1.8 to 2 g/kg of protein everyday to start muscle growth. Eating more protein than 2 g/kg will curb your hunger but definitely you don’t need 500 grams of protein for muscle building.

Additionally, quality protein sources like grass-fed meat or wild caught fish are easily digestible as compare to cheap sources of protein like grain-fed meat, farm caught fish or hotdog.

Myth #2: You Absolutely Need Protein Supplement:

protein supplementsThis is very much connected with the first myth. Protein bars, shakes and cookies may come handy but they are completely optional as you need only 2 g/kg for muscle growth in your fat loss diet. Even some cheap brand of these protein supplements are not in their absorbable form which makes them very much ineffective than real foods of protein.

Even some cheap companies are using heavy material in their products which make them ineffective for weight loss or health goal. It is important to focus on getting protein from foods that are natural sources of proteins like eggs, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish and so on.

Myth #3: Cholesterol in Food Increases Blood Cholesterol:

Another very common myth that is found in our society is cholesterol in food (such as eggs, cheese, meat and so on) increases blood cholesterol. Cholesterol that is found in egg is good cholesterol and it is no way connected with any heart diseases.

Similarly, many researches proven that cholesterol in meat and cheese don’t increase blood cholesterol. So we can safely say that there is no connection between cholesterol in food with blood cholesterol.

Myth #4: Only Egg White is Good For Health:

Whole eggsMany fitness professionals recommend only egg white to their student which is one of the biggest mistake because Egg yolk is the healthiest part of whole egg as it contains over 90% of zinc, calcium, copper, potassium, iron and so on. Leaving the yolk part is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

Egg yolk may contain fats in it but these fats are Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which are important for healthy body. Additionally Egg Yolk is important for muscle building as it is one of the rich sources of protein.

Myth #5: Saturated Fat is Bad For You:

Many decades ago, health authority was created to find out main culprit for obesity and increase rate of heart diseases. The people in the health authority chaos saturated fat instead of sugar and trans-fat. They missed out some vital points about saturated fats that are:

  • Human being consuming saturated fats in form of animal meat since the beginning
  • Ancient tribes like Masai, Tokealau and Inuit are consuming 50% saturated fats in their diet and still they are much healthier than modern people
  • In 1980, government-based health authorities decided to replace saturated fats with trans-fat in fast foods all over the America
  • Human breasts consist of 30-50% saturated fat and still it doesn’t clog newborns’ arties.

Afterwards there are countless researches that proven that saturated fats have nothing to do with heart diseases and illness. The main culprits are refined sugar and trans-fat.

Myth #6: Low-Fat Products are Healthy:

Low-fat products are just hit among people who are looking for losing fat and they are not ready to hear any bad thing about them. Unfortunately, fats are one of the important macro-nutrient for weight loss and limiting it from your diet is not the good idea.

Additionally, manufacturers replace fats with sugar and refined carbs which is not a good idea. Although fats contain twice amount of calories as compare to proteins and carbs but still you can’t completely avoid fats from your diet.

It is now proven that low-fat diets are unhealthy as they increases risk of diseases and they are not effective for weight loss.

Myth #7: Too Much Protein Harms Kidney:

People with healthy protein don’t get any negative effects even they eat more than 2 g/kg protein daily. However, cheap sources of protein like hotdog, grain-fed meat and farm raised fishes do create kidney problems as they are load with toxics and harmful chemicals. Quality does matter a lot when it comes to choosing foods.


In the end I want to say that now you have complete information about what is good for you and what is not. Now you are capable to sort out good news and bad news. When making diet for your own body it is important to consider quality over quantity. For example grass-fed meat is much healthier than grain-fed meat and wild caught fish is healthier than farm raised fishes.

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